Sunday, April 27, 2008


Yes indeed. Sar, Cor, & I spent a lovely day at the spa. I had a hot stone massage, which was so relaxing that I actually thought that I'd melted & couldn't tell where the hot stones were anymore. It was lovely. Divine. Splendid. Verra nice & well worth the price.
There was also brunch to start, then hot-tubbing pre & post treatment*, a nice relaxing veg in the Serenity Room (really), and a rain shower where I think I used more water than some third world countries consume in a month. I'll tell them it was Oil & Gas that used all the water up if anyone asks.
When I got home, Amoryn was simply beside herself to see me. So gratifying. So lovely.
And that was my day. How was yours?

*-spa lingo.

Friday, April 25, 2008


When the alarm went off this morning, I groaned. And I sounded like Chewbaca. Yesterday, I almost chucked a bag of moldy cheese down the stairs & put the dishcloth in the garbage. Et cetera.
In other words, this head cold is not letting up. At all. And I have so much things to accomplish that my inability to process verbal talking out of my head plus the sneaky sinus headache that keeps flirting with a migraine is seriously screwing with me.
Yes. So of course I'm posting on my blog, knowing that teh Intarweb is sympathizing with me.
It's probably sympathizing with Amoryn too; although she is just a little crunchy, she doesn't seem to be as sick as I feel. I'm thinking that she would have progressed from crunchy to out & out bitchy if she had the sinus headahce. Or maybe she does, but her little skull is still soft enough that it flexes, instead of resisting the throb, thus creating the headache in adults but not infants? At any rate, I'm letting her sleep an extra hour this morning - she hasn't stirred & I think she really needs it, the regular sleep isn't letting her get ahead of her cold or her tooth.
Oh, & by the way? Breakfasts for sneezing babies are especially challenging when they consist of cream of wheat porridge & yogurt. *wipes glasses off. wipes tables off. wipes high chair off. wipes shirt off. rinse cloth & repeat.*
I'm off to wake my girl up, which is totally the high point of the day's current plans.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We’re Baaaaack!

Yes, we’ve returned from the Bahamas.
(View from our balcony of the pool & harbour.)
To this.
(View from the back door of the snow back on our deck.)
I know, but we’re still happy to be back.
(Happy child.)
I think the best parts of the vacation were a) unwinding & losing track of the days b) Amoryn getting so much mommy AND daddy time - I think she really loved that part of things c) hearing about the snow on our way out to the pool after one of Am's naps. But around all of that, it was lovely. It was idyllic. It was gorgeous the whole time we were there. There were beaches, and ocean, & blue sky galore. Amoryn as very good on the flights, she loved the water, and she ate pretty darn everything the first couple days, then mellowed out of her growth spurt & really concentrated on her love of cheese, yogurt, & fruit. I diligently (& constantly) applied 45SPF La Roche Posay sunscreen, because I had a theory that a sunburnt baby would be No Fun At All. I didn’t get to test my theory, thankfully, because of all the sunscreen**** application.

Would that I had been so keen on slathering myself – I burnt quite remarkably mid trip or so (maybe it was Wednesday? I don’t remember, we lost track of the days.) It wasn’t bad enough to really throw a kink in our style, but I did stay covered up for a day or so. (The man burnt too – a little wee bit, but it is all glorious tan now.)
I’ve got tan lines now! And freckles*! Huzzah! (* Although not too many freckles, because I religiously wore my new Tilley hat. Which I lurve, lurve, lurve.)
(Although it may look like it, I am not looking at the man in the speedo exiting the ocean.)
And I peeled. I started peeling on the 2nd last day we were there, and I’m still peeling. I thought that I was all done peeling, until (disgusting alert! Don’t read if you’re squeamish or eating!) I was in the tub last night & noticed large-ish shreds of my skin floating by. Yecch. I’m glad the man wasn’t in town & was spared the actual indignity; he just gets to read about it. (Assuming he reads this. Do you read this? I don’t talk about you much here, you know. Maybe I should…)

(I'm peeling, in this shot.)
Along with the peeling & the dry skin, I hab a head code. Actually, I’m not that nasally, but my throat is pretty froggy & I sound like I;m trying to do an imitation of Sam Elliot. Of course, for the imitation to really be a hit, I’d need a mustache too. Did Sma Elliot ever do a Got Milk? Ad? He really should’ve, if he didn’t. (I just asked Google, a quick check makes me think that he hasn’t.)
Speaking of mustaches, some of my family visited over the weekend. (I know, that segue made no sense. It's late, I'm tired, & I've got a head cold.) I'm pretty sure that I made more sense when Mom, H, A, & Z were here. Even if I didn't, it wasn't really that big a deal; the real star of the show was, of course, my darlin' Amoryn, who loved the visist & all the attention. It was a lovely visit, but it wouldv'e been nice if the wweather let us go for a walk or a swing or something. That uncle sure has a lot of energy that he needs to burn off! I coulnd't get the photos to slideshow on tv, but I managed to show some of the trip videos via the tv.
I'm really am feeling like quite the technological Genius*** - tonite, I installed my new portable hard drive, hooked up two USD hubs, downloaded iTunes, and attached my DVD burner. Next up - downloading the videos, editing, compiling, & burning, then sending them off to family! Golly, what will the man say when he gets home & finds that my laptop has been so busy!** (**LAME computer joke. Really awful.)
Of course, this post is the last computer thing I'm doing tonite - I'm off to eat some cobbler & go to bed.
***- Wile. E. Coyote pronunciation, natch.
****-I originally typoed "sinscreen" - wouldn't that be handy in Vegas!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


We is on vacation. The bags is packed, the flights is tomorrow, the living, it is good.

(Actually, I should say flight - direct to the Bahamas.)

We're taking lots of picutres, talk to you when we get back!

Love, us.

PS: Regarding the last post, it's actually "Gotta Skate", not "God of Skate". Which makes it not nearly so funny to me.

PPS: Amoryn's birthday party was awesome! She was great, even with the teething & the vaccination the day before & the strangers singing directly at her & everything! More on that later!