Friday, December 28, 2007

Of shoes & bums & other things….

I went to the mall yesterday, hunting for jeans & underpinnings. I was successful* on both counts, but what really made my day was a surprise find when I stopped in at a baby accessories store to see what they had for shoes. (Am is almost out of her 6-12 month shoes. And she needs at least one pair of shoes… if they’re adorable red patent leather, so much the better, no?) (And no, Mom, I didn’t buy her any. I decided to wait & see what they had at another store, plus I’m trying to decide how many of her outfits will match the red shoes. Lts, I think, but I didn’t want to impulse buy.)
(I know, you’re convinced I’m creating a shopping monster. And maybe I am. But I prefer to think that I’m making careful choices, getting classics that last as long as anything meant for a baby can last, and really, when these are the shoe options, it really does take some consideration, no?)
These are her current shoes. They're super cute, but buying a secoind pair in a bigger size? Kind of kill-joy.
I think these are the first choice.
But these are so cute!
And so are these... but what about when she wears blue socks?
And these. I love these too. But I'm only getting her ONE pair. So. It needs mulling.
But I digress. As I was walking out, I noticed G Diapers! And I bought some! And I’m still so excited! And they’ve done well through the first bum change... time will tell how the nap stands up. And they’re so cute – vanilla or orange are the two colors. And they’re more expensive than disposables, but the biodegrade in 50 - 150 days. Or you can flush them! I don’t know if I ever will, but simply the concept is super exciting!
Some history – several of the blogs I read have mentioned that they lurve G-diapers. They’re cotton knit diapers, with disposable, completely bio-degradable inserts that tuck into a plastic-pant middle layer. So, the best of the fabric world & the disposable world (re-usuable, easy to use & portable) neatly miss the worst of the fabric & disposable world (handling poo & buckets of bleach & having diapers sit in the landfills for hundreds of years. I read up on them about 6 weeks ago, & even priced them out. They seemed affordable UNTIL you plopped the cross-border shipping on. *Sigh*, I though, no environmental consciousness for you.

But here we are! All gDiapered up! HUzzah! Here's the website - I'll post pics of her cuteness's butt later.
And really, that’s all. I’m going to go & put Amoryn down for her morning nap, have a shower, & play with my new eyeshadow from Sephora.**
*-Although, now I am waffling on the jeans, I may exchange them for the second choice pair that didn’t make my butt look quite as fantastic, were $20 cheaper, more comfortable, but a final sale. Solo shopping makes me veer away from final sale items!
** - Okay, a total luxury, I admit it. But very sparkly & pretty!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Xmas, Baby

It was a lovely Xmas. It was calm, it was serene, there was minimal shrieking*. The turkey cooked in 3 1/2 hours and was sublime. Everybody loved their presents. Amoryn went swinging, and wore her little party dress, & loves her alphabet blocks.

I only had one ethical dilemma... is it okay to base a relationship on a single article of clothing? I mean, it is Xmas, which means that consumerism is king. But it's Christmas, which means that we're supposed to love one another for higher, spiritual reasons.

These tights are so damn cute. They kind of are why I had a baby, sort of... just a little bit.

Or, more precisely, when I was a single girl in my verrrry early 20's, they are why I thought it ould be fun to have a baby, someday, like waaaaaaay in the future.

*- Mostly heard over the phone - there was a rousing game of something going on in the background at mom's.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh thank goodness.

Xmas is almost here, and we’ve already had four informal Xmases – the man’s family, my dad & stepmom, my mom & stepdad, & last night, the aunties. This is part of the reason why I haven’t updated in a while. The other reason is that I’m still trying to sort out working/baby time/housekeeping/grocery shopping. More challenging than it sounds.
Speaking of challenges, part of the reason I’m so glad to have had so many early Xmases is that I no longer have to keep the gifty secrets! I can let out that big old helium-balloon breath & squeal* “I got you a teapot! And I got you a makeup box! And we (family & friends) got you a painting! And I got you a ... Wait. You don’t get to open that until Xmas day.” Only one present was discovered ahead of time, & really, it’s not my fault that Sarah Googled her name. Couldn’t be helped. There are still a couple secrets left… and a lot of chocolates. All in all, a nice blend.
My birthday was very nice – it really was. The man took me out for a snazzy supper that I quite enjoyed – although I wonder what Dad would make of a meal that offered a $49 elk chop. We also went out shopping – and bought a giant pile of toys that we donated. A very fun gift. Because of the traveling & the schedules, it seems like a birth-week – a present every day or two – and that’s quite all right too!
And now, I should buckle down & get to work. Because that’s what then internet is for, you know, working, not reading blogs or sending emails or shopping for yarn. Hahh, as Amoryn would say. If I don’t post again before Xmas, I hope that you have a lovely couple days!

*Or I could. I usually don’t.