Sunday, October 15, 2006

What I've Been Working On Lately

Interesting fact: if a newfie asks you "Who Knit ya?", there are not inquiring about your fabulous sweater/toque/scarf/etc... they're asking who your parents are.
Because of that, I find amusement in contemplating how many kntting projects I've got in various states... scarves, hats, mitteny things, blankies, sweaters, bags... in varying states of contemplation, request, rework, beginning & completion.
I (finally) finished Pat's sweater - it's nice & roomy for wearing to football games:
And I dyed the plain merino that I bought in New York:
And then there's this:
Last night, I realized I was behind in belly pics, but I waited until today, as we'd just finished a big turkey dinner. (I didn't want to alarm anyone when my belly suddenly got smaller...)
Off to a warm (not hot) bath now!

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Yore Momma said...

Is that the Button in Patman's big wooly sweater? It was huge on the HBug but is even "HUGE-ER" on her! Gorgeous, though - well done K!