Thursday, November 16, 2006

Get down! Get funky with your fat self!

All right. My fat self, with a belly picture from Nov 8th - I swear, it's grown since then:
Hm. Or maybe not. The picture, I mean, not the belly. I spent all of my patience today at work, resisting the urge to throttle ______ in the name of _____, because really, it's a bit far to expect that I will be contect with ______ after ______. Because of this, no belly picture today, but instead, the only picture that the interweb & my computer seem to see fit to upload.

One of my favorite photos from all weekend. Sarah working her rolling pin magic on gingerbread dough (batch 2). The fat weekend was wildly successful, chock full of sugar, spice, & everything nice. Also, some martinis for my girls. (And by that, I mean Liana & Lisa & Coreen. Not some reference to my chestal area. I talked enough about them a couple posts ago. And also, I think I will be talking about them again sometime soon. But not today. No, today is pure, clean, good old fashioned Betty Crocker. With some martinis. But not for me. I drank 8-10 glasses of water a day & juice & milk.)
Huh. Still no luck with the images. Oh well, another day... Here, as a sop, is a brief & incomplete list of the fat weekend's production:
2 batches nuts & bolts (Donna's recipe, tweaked)
2 batches nutty choc chip cookies (Kourtney's recipe)
2 batches "dad's" choc chip cookies (Herman's recipe)
2 batches sugar cookies (Chatelaine ca 1965, slightly tweaked)
1 batch gingersnaps (Gramma Rouse's recipe)
1 batch gingersnaps (someone Sar know's recipe)
1 batch peanut butter caramel squares (Donna's recipe, but I suspect a creation of Satan or at the very least some nefarious Bond villain)
1 scone (mom's recipe, tweaked)
1 batch pecan praline shortbread (Bev the exec admin asst's recipe)
Also, last night, window cookies for Dad.
I feel like I'm forgetting something in the list, but after so many hours of bake time, it all blends into a bit of a blur. And speaking of blur, it's time to sign off! Later, with hopefully more pics.

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