Saturday, January 06, 2007

Holy Cat, A New Post!

Other new things (in reverse chronological order):

1) A new color in the baby's room. The man painted it today, & it covered - in one coat! - the noxious picky/mauvey/purple the previous owners had painted it for their little girl. Now, I'm not going to say what color we did pick... but it's very vibrant & I'm pleased by it. But don't assume we're having a boy just because we painted over the pink. If we have a daughter that wants that pink, then we would certainly support her in that. Of course, that particular shade of pink would require a direct request, pleading, etc.

2) New kitchen appliance - waffle iron. Screaming waffle iron, actually - I'm not sure where steam is escaping from, but it consistently creates a high pitched whistle that makes it seem more like I'm boiling lobsters that cooking waffles. I'm sure the waffles don't enjoy it any more than the lobsters, it's just that they're not usually so vocal about it.

3) The last trimester! Yes indeed, time flies when you're gestating. It's been going splendidly. I'm beginning to be exceedingly curious about the Fishy, & what color his eyes will & hair will be, & what kinds of personality trais she'll have from me or her dad or nowhere in particular ("My family doesn't do that!" "Don't look at me - neither does mine!")

3) New Year! Yes, it came, it went, we went out for a marvy supper where people kept missing the fact that I was pregnant. Maybe understable in dim lighting with a front view, but if you catch the side view in a well lit bathroom, it's pretty hard to mistake the bump for "Oh my, that poor woman has already filled up on breadsticks!"

Of course, you REALLY can't miss it in when I'm my pjs. After a big meal.

4) My new job - I am (apparently) the hostess of the All-Night Dance Party, starring Fishy Robinson doing his interpretaion of soft shoe tapdancing, the electric boogaloo, the slide, the shuffle, the charleston, and pretty much everything else, too.

5) Xmas! Xmas had many fabulous things, with most of my arm waving being elicited by the team of co-cahooters, Pat, & Sarah & Coreen. Sarah & Coreen got me a Kitchenaid mixer, & Pat got me a Pfaff serger!!! If you are even the least bit foggy about either machine & what wonders it possesses/can accomplish, please feel free to call & listen to me burble. Assuming that I quit making waffle batter or sewing polar fleece for long enough to answer the phone, that is.
Other good Xmas-ey things - the man got a router, with bits & books too. And he got a case of his favorite blueberry jam, too. So now I can make scones guilt-free ("Do you know how far we have to drive to get more of that????"). And I did. Using the mixer. And they were tasty.

6)My birthday - yes indeed, I'm now all of thirty years old. The kid removed the "drink to celebrate not being any wiser" option for my birthday, so I endorsed the "If one dessert is good, then two would be better, & three would be totally awesome!!!" plan. (Staggered over 8 hours, of course. With a fantastic meal at the Osteria de Medici interspersed as well.) The kid approved, although the next morning was quite quiet. I was a little concerned, & then realized awww, the baby's having it's first sugar hangover! Awwww!

7) The kitten's first Xmas tree - I'd forgotten that any cat's first Xmas is accompanied by sever beating until said beastie realizes that although that may LOOK like one big, sparkly cat toy, it is NOT FOR CATS TO TOUCH. No real disaster - & I suppose it is good practice for next year, when we will need to tie the tree to the ceiling.

And that's all that I can think of - and I'm hungry now, to boot. So, prepend the notes above with "supper", & that's me, caught up until 6:09pm.

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