Monday, July 14, 2008

The Natural Dyes Class

Organic Dye Scarves June 08, originally uploaded by Kourtney_R.

(L-R: All on silk: something root with rust, um, some kind of bark & rust, madder, madder, & um, logwood. I think.)
It was interesting. It was surprisingly technical. I got some very pretty results & a trip to the crapyard out of it. And although I learned a lot & found myself very carried away by the instructor's enthusiasm, I doubt that I will ever set up the natural dye pots in my kitchen.
This is because I am a junky for color, & for fast results. Premordanting, dying, postmordanting, repeat? For not certain results? When I have a toddler & regular meals to try & work around? Not so likely.
I think I'm going to try the acid dyes some more - that's what the next post'll likley be about!

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