Friday, October 31, 2008

I don't get it.

I stopped by the office today, Amoryn (in costume) in tow, to do a couple quick things that are due for next week, but I can't do remotely. I thought I'd also show off my girl, some, because that's always fun too. Say what you want about seperate work & private life; Amoryn is a huge part of my world, and work is a good chunk of it, so it only makes sense that they overlap. And I think it's good to establish a certain level of person-ness at the office, as in "I'm not just an office drone". I don't blog about my work, because hello, good way to get fired, but. Today isgoing to spill out of the "work" box in my head, into everything else, so hi, blog.
Today there was some really bad news. My old manager - who had been promoted less than a month ago, had positive family things going on, and seemed cheery and upbeat all the time. He killed himself last night. I already missed working with/for him - he was a great boss. And now he's gone, gone. Not just on another project, or at another office. It's so hard to understand how he can possibly be dead, and how he could have felt so low. I guess suicide is always an irrational act. The last death of a coworker (a couple years ago, in a car accident), was jarring, beacuse he was a young man, but this? This was intentional. I just don't get it.
I'm going to go & dye some yarn, and continue to mull how confusing life can be. At this point, I don't really feel like handing out candy, or dressing Am up again in her _____ costume (took it off to nap). Maybe I'll compromise, set the candy by the garage with a note that says: "Honor System: Have Two", and take Am around to the people we know in the neighborhood.
There'll be a pic of her in her ______ costume in a little while. Trust me, totally worth the wait.

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