Sunday, November 02, 2008

Oh NoBloPoMo!

It's actually NaBloPoMo, as in "National Blog Posting Month", where a bunch of bloggers commit to blogging every day. Every year, I think of it too late, but this year, since I realized it on the 2nd, I'm jumping in the NaBloPoMo pool. Should be nice & warm, might be a little trite (at least on my behalf)... but! A good way to get focused & stuff & stuff, or so I'm going to treat it. And I might not formally join the NaBloPoMo group, because then I have another thing to remember (userid, password, etc etc), and I Am Completely Unimpressed With Trying To Keep Track Of Various UserID And PassWord CRAP. More about that later.
For now, you're going to have to wait for the H'ween pictures promised, because my computer has frustrated me Yet Again, And I Am Going To Teach It To Fly if ths keeps up. So I think, for now, that I'm going to logg off, and try again tomorrow.

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