Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thank you, my sense of irony is well-developed.

Yes, I know. The best laid plans of mice & Kourtneys gang aft agley. So no, no frequent posts for November, you noticed? You may also notice that whatever's wrong with my keyboard is not improving. I edit, & eit, becaus otherwise a properly spelled sentnce ens up lookin like this, I swear, I am typing just the same as on any other keyboard. It's just this one. So leters that are wrong are myfault, & letters that are missing are the keyboard, okay?
So, it's been a busy November, wth a cuple super great highlghts, & some bummer things too. Also, there is less light in the days, & as the man remindd me, that gets me down. THank goodness e's here, I wouldn't have figured out the SADD on my own until January. Seriosly.
All right. I give up. Now for some photo posts of Halloween, which was super cool, and then later, will tell youall about just how cool Yarn Camp was. (AKA: Knitting camo, aka: Make 1's Fall Fiber Arts Retreat)

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