Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's almost Christmas! Despite my misgivings about both the Christian faith and the origin of CHristmas, I can't help but be excited by it all. Everyone is nice to each other (at least in my world), all sorts of positive surprises come to light (ie: new Ipod vs: the clap) (a completely non-reality based example, really), and I get to see my family and show off my girl to sorts of her adoring fans. All in all, it's great.
Now I have to go pack & get ready to go. T minus nap time people! Let's move! We need the prezzies, the kid's food & accoutrements, the other prezzies, the knitting for the road.... The clothes, the playpen, the cameras, erm. So do we really need the spare tire?
I'm leaving my laptop behind, so it'll be a week without internet! We'll be having lovely fun. Talk to you closer to the New Year, hope Santy brings you what you asked for.

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