Saturday, March 06, 2010

What A Day

Eleni laughed for the first time today.
Like her first smile, it was a gift she gave to me. This holiday has been incredible - sunshine, beaches, whales, turtles, rainbows, more beaches. I can't imagine a more aloha moment than a baby's first laugh.
I remember Amoryn's first laugh (I was making a fake telephone noise - anyone remember the aliens from Sesame Street tyring to talk to the phone?). I was so surprised, and delighted. She giggled a lot for us that evening.
We've been giggling a lot this trip - she's taken to making a dun-Dun-DUN sound effect, but her intonation makes it more "Ton-Ton-Ton". Which is hilarious.
Off to bed; I need lots of rest to keep up with the giggles & everything else we've got planned for tomorrow.
PS: Amoryn says she is happy. She also says her mommy never smiles, not never, but that's when she's talking to her 'husband' on the phone.
PPS: If I'm ever having a hard day with the girls, remind me about that wonderful day on Maui where we went to the beach & Am & I saw a real, live, humuhumunukanukapua'a & El laughed for the first time.


adriene said...

What a beautiful post. :)

Sar said...

I love El's wee baby mohawk! Wicked!