Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Answering Conclusively:

First - check out the size of our "Sunzillas" - they aren't near as big as they are supposed to be!

Secondly - which source of information do you think I prefer - my little book or the magazine?

Let me give you some hints:

According to my book, Fishy has progressed through being a blueberry, an olive, & a strawberry, & is now headed for lime & then lemon.

The magazine says that right now, he's "the size of a goldfish with a really big head". In a couple weeks, he'll be the size of a small bunny, and then a medium housecat.

Any guesses yet? Given my strange phobia*, Pat's obsession with the rabbits in our neighbourhood ("Murder! Death! Kill!")**, and the behavior of the cats of late, I'm much happier thinking of my bump containing some kind of fruit salad.

So yes! Fishy-Baby could almost be renamed, given that he's got no tail or webbing between his fingers or toes, but I'm fond of the name. Completely irrational, given my phobia, but hey, some friends of Pat's called their baby "Simon" when she was in utero. And Fishy's growing teeth buds this week, apparently. With luck, they won't come in until well after I'm done breastfeeding. Which I plan to attempt. I can't swear it'll work, but I'm going to do my darnedest.

Speaking of doing my darnedest, I'm going to go & eat dessert now. A whole container of fresh raspberries. All of my own. Ha. And I've got one for tomorrow too.

*-Interesting Kourtney fact: Goldfish skeeve me out. That scene in Jerry Maguire? Bleh. Ick.
**-Please call the SPCA. We are obviously bad, bad people.

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