Sunday, September 10, 2006

Philadelphia (heart) Rocky

All right. So perhaps the whole "Rocky Balboa" thing was more of a seminal moment in American culture than I realized. Because it's Rocky week here in Philly, and they just unveiled a Rocky statue by the steps that he ran up & down. Bridal parties were posing, not only on the steps, but with Rocky. My favorite? A bride, miming the Rocky "triumph" stance, bouquet held high.
But that was yesterday, from the top of our double decker tour bus. Here's yesterday's synopsis: up at 4 for the 6am flight, Toronto's surliest customs agent (possibly surliest ever created), zoom to the hotel, transmogrify into hot/smart/sexy wife, board tour bus, interesting hour long tour, big dinner on a big boat, collapse.
Today could be entitled : KOURTNEY vs. THE MATERNITY PANTS
Here's the score:
1 - pr jeans
1 - pr cords
1 - pr overalls
3 - tank tops
1 - 2pc pj
6 - knickers
1 - 2 pc swimsuit
3 - t-shirts
1 - long sleee sweater
1 - belly band
Kourtney's Visa:
I feel pretty good about my purchass - a little freaked out when I stuffed the convenient fake belly in my pants, but well pleased otherwise. I was trying to explain to the very nice, yet somewhat unworldy salesgirl that we didn't have this store in Calgary, and she said "They don't have maternity stores in Canada??" I reassured her that we did in, just not with values like this. The belly band I'm particularily pleased about - it's a tube of fabric (black & seamless) that you wear like an informal cummerbund to keep pants which are either too big or too small right where they should be. At $16.98, it was on the mid-high price range, but I looked at one in Calgary that was $51!! Plus tax! Robbery! It would have been robbery!
Tomorrow, I'm off to the yarn store. I'm torn between hoping for fantastic sales, & dreading them, as my suitcases are at capacity. One way or the other, we'll know tomorrow!
PS: If I can figure out how, there'll be a real treat in tomorrow's post. Here's a hint - millinery is alive & flourishing...

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