Tuesday, April 03, 2007

At Least We're Not Having A Baby Elephant

Really. We were watching a PBS special, this is why I'm very glad we're not having a baby elephant:
1) Gestation period - 18-22 months
2) Baby's weight at birth: about 250 lbs.
3) Baby's length - well, they're about three feet tall, not sure how long that would make them. Also? Does the trunk get included in the length measure or not?
4) Babies will drink about 3 gallons of milk a day.
5) Babies aren't fully weaned until they are about 10.
Also, with a baby elephant, we'd either be in a zoo, meh, or in the wild, which is fraught with natural & human dangers. So all in all, I'm content that we're still carting around what appears via ultrasound to be a perfectly healthy human baby.
On the other hand, baby elephants are adorable! The video of them learning how to use their trunks - too funny. The man chuckled.
What do we have, if not a baby elephant? Well, here is Pat with his prize from curling on St Paddy's day. His team got picked last for prizes. There wasn't much left, so he picked the classic & sophisticated 'frog with reflecting ball'.

I like it very much. Pat liked this photo of me - barefoot & pregnant. (I was wearing slippers with my housedress, but kicked them off, just for posterity's sake).

Here's a better belly profile, on a different day, but in the same housedress. (I admit, I was looking at the tv, not smiling for the camera.)
Here, I am wearing the same housedress, but I've got my bathrobe on over top. The kitten has been unusually snuggly & an (almost) perfect model of catly goodness.
Suki has also been very good - I deemed him my surrogate baby, as he was curled into such a nice little ball.
And I rewarded his surrogate baby-hood with dumping him into the baby sling I'd made for a test-drive. Suki didn't seem to know quite what to make of things, but overall, he approved. (He's purring in this pic.)
I wasn't as struck with that version of the sling, so I've revamped it. No photos of that yet.
And now, now I am going to go! And accomplish something! Something like, um, maybe getting out of my bathrobe & into real clothes! Ha!

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