Monday, April 30, 2007

Raving Success!

I am enjoying a small moment of success, in that we a) had our morning nap, then Amoryn had her morning feed, then her morning bath (with only 1 howl! wow!), currently being followed by a post bath nap for the girl...
And then I had a shower! And breakfast! And cooked some stuff for supper! And it's only three in the afternoon! I feel like Tenzig Norgay, with Amoryn as a very small Sir Edmund Hillary. Of course, this glow of success is already being set up for disaster because the next stage is.... THE GROCERY STORE.... (cue ominous music). After she eats & is changed, of course.
I feel fairly optimistic; she had a growth spurt/meltdown day on Sat, so she is more likely to sleep well today & less likely to meltdown. Not a sure thing, of course, nothing I'd take to Vegas, but enough of a probability that I feel safe in attempting to go & get milk & muffin tins.
There she is now! Wish us luck!

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