Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey Internet, I've got a new girl now.

It's not that I love you any less, Internet, it's just that I love her more. The cats are getting used to it, I know you will too.

Amoryn Opal, now three weeks old! She's got a belly button & everything! She also has a killer case of baby acne, poor thing, so we may slow down on the photos, just foor her poor dignity.

As for all the standard how am I/Amoryn questions, for brevity's sake, allow me to post from emails:
Q: Who, what, where, when? How big, how long, how long?
A: Amoryn Opal, born at 11:28 pm April 4. (8lbs 8ozs, 21" long). Foothills Hospital, 4 3/4hours.

Q: ...what the phonics for pronouncing her name ...
A:'s A-mor-in. Or AM-rin, or the little squeaky wheel, who gets what she wants when she wants it - or at least, she gets what she wants, once we figure out what she wants.

Q: Pictures?

Q: How am I feeling?
A: Started off with " Things are going well in the land of the sleep deprived;", moved to "but has really knocked me for a loop. The midwives had me on bedrest for the first 4 days, & I'm still pretty weebly. Improving though" once the adrenalin wore off. Stopped by "... marooned? Sleep deprived? Happy?", and have now settled into feeling physically & mentally very well, and have mostly gotten used to it being mama & babe during the day.

Q: How is Amoryn?
A: girl is gorgeous & such a good baby, ...She's wonderful. And going for her nap,...

Q: How is the man doing with fatherhood?
A: Completely besotted with his girl. Fantastic. Wonderful.

And now, naptime!

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