Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh thank goodness.

Xmas is almost here, and we’ve already had four informal Xmases – the man’s family, my dad & stepmom, my mom & stepdad, & last night, the aunties. This is part of the reason why I haven’t updated in a while. The other reason is that I’m still trying to sort out working/baby time/housekeeping/grocery shopping. More challenging than it sounds.
Speaking of challenges, part of the reason I’m so glad to have had so many early Xmases is that I no longer have to keep the gifty secrets! I can let out that big old helium-balloon breath & squeal* “I got you a teapot! And I got you a makeup box! And we (family & friends) got you a painting! And I got you a ... Wait. You don’t get to open that until Xmas day.” Only one present was discovered ahead of time, & really, it’s not my fault that Sarah Googled her name. Couldn’t be helped. There are still a couple secrets left… and a lot of chocolates. All in all, a nice blend.
My birthday was very nice – it really was. The man took me out for a snazzy supper that I quite enjoyed – although I wonder what Dad would make of a meal that offered a $49 elk chop. We also went out shopping – and bought a giant pile of toys that we donated. A very fun gift. Because of the traveling & the schedules, it seems like a birth-week – a present every day or two – and that’s quite all right too!
And now, I should buckle down & get to work. Because that’s what then internet is for, you know, working, not reading blogs or sending emails or shopping for yarn. Hahh, as Amoryn would say. If I don’t post again before Xmas, I hope that you have a lovely couple days!

*Or I could. I usually don’t.

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