Friday, December 28, 2007

Of shoes & bums & other things….

I went to the mall yesterday, hunting for jeans & underpinnings. I was successful* on both counts, but what really made my day was a surprise find when I stopped in at a baby accessories store to see what they had for shoes. (Am is almost out of her 6-12 month shoes. And she needs at least one pair of shoes… if they’re adorable red patent leather, so much the better, no?) (And no, Mom, I didn’t buy her any. I decided to wait & see what they had at another store, plus I’m trying to decide how many of her outfits will match the red shoes. Lts, I think, but I didn’t want to impulse buy.)
(I know, you’re convinced I’m creating a shopping monster. And maybe I am. But I prefer to think that I’m making careful choices, getting classics that last as long as anything meant for a baby can last, and really, when these are the shoe options, it really does take some consideration, no?)
These are her current shoes. They're super cute, but buying a secoind pair in a bigger size? Kind of kill-joy.
I think these are the first choice.
But these are so cute!
And so are these... but what about when she wears blue socks?
And these. I love these too. But I'm only getting her ONE pair. So. It needs mulling.
But I digress. As I was walking out, I noticed G Diapers! And I bought some! And I’m still so excited! And they’ve done well through the first bum change... time will tell how the nap stands up. And they’re so cute – vanilla or orange are the two colors. And they’re more expensive than disposables, but the biodegrade in 50 - 150 days. Or you can flush them! I don’t know if I ever will, but simply the concept is super exciting!
Some history – several of the blogs I read have mentioned that they lurve G-diapers. They’re cotton knit diapers, with disposable, completely bio-degradable inserts that tuck into a plastic-pant middle layer. So, the best of the fabric world & the disposable world (re-usuable, easy to use & portable) neatly miss the worst of the fabric & disposable world (handling poo & buckets of bleach & having diapers sit in the landfills for hundreds of years. I read up on them about 6 weeks ago, & even priced them out. They seemed affordable UNTIL you plopped the cross-border shipping on. *Sigh*, I though, no environmental consciousness for you.

But here we are! All gDiapered up! HUzzah! Here's the website - I'll post pics of her cuteness's butt later.
And really, that’s all. I’m going to go & put Amoryn down for her morning nap, have a shower, & play with my new eyeshadow from Sephora.**
*-Although, now I am waffling on the jeans, I may exchange them for the second choice pair that didn’t make my butt look quite as fantastic, were $20 cheaper, more comfortable, but a final sale. Solo shopping makes me veer away from final sale items!
** - Okay, a total luxury, I admit it. But very sparkly & pretty!

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