Monday, March 03, 2008

She's so happy!

Smiley girl Feb 24, originally uploaded by Kourtney_R.

She really is. Unless, of course, she's tired or hungry, or has just bonked her head. But hey, we all feel like that, right?
Tomorrow, Tuesday, is my first Tuesday going to the office while Heather watches my girl, which makes this the first two-office-day week. I think I'll miss my girl, but it'll be a relief to be able to get the Tuesday workload done so much easier, & I do enjoy going to the office & using a different corner of my brain.
And this is my last week of spinning class - mixed emotions - I really enjoy the class & learning & being around like minded (similarily obsessed) women, but I really really go through baby withdrawal - daddy puts her to bed, then I leave early the next morning before Am is awake, then when I get home she's usually having her afternoon nap. So it's almost 24 hours with no baby smooshing! Well, okay, it's more like 22 hours, but man, I miss her. I think it's worse because she's right there - just asleep, so I could wake her up & squeeze her....except I'm not that crazy. Well, maybe I am, but I do like my sleep, & respect her need for sleep too.
Speaking of sleep.....zzzzzzz

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