Monday, March 31, 2008

Unsuspected Source of Information

The man & I were watching the curling final yesterday afternoon. After catching part of one one particularily garish, spangled, fringed, figure-skated extravaganza of a commercial, I said, "Holy cow, are the ice capades coming to town or what?"
"No," the man says, "It's Kurt Browning's God of Skate Seven."
I burst into laughter. It was just such a ludicrous sentence to come out of his mouth. I may have got the number wrong, it could be Kurt Browning's God of Skate Four or Eight or something. I can't say for certain, and I'm loathe to ask Google. What would Google think of me? (google does keep track, you know.)
As well, the title - Kurt Browning's God of Skate Seven - makes me think of the Pay-Per-View Adult Entertainment titles - you know, Mistiii Raynes presents Hott (x-rated verb of choice) Action XVII.
And that was pretty much my Sunday afternoon. How was yours?

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Anonymous said...

Surfing in from the Web...Dunno if you're serious about actually wanting to know, but I think he meant "Kurt Browning's Gotta Skate VII" =).