Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Amoryn's Teeth Are Going To Kick My Ass

They sort of are, already. While no pearly whites have broke surface yet, I can consistently rely on waking up with a scarlet cheeked baby at least two days a week. Three, if I'm lucky.
I know that doesn't sound like much, but as those teeth move up, down, & all around, they punish my poor baby.
Still desn't sound like much? The hurt her mouth, so she cries, & is fussy. And no matter what blend of teething toys, gripe water, & baby tylenol, there comes a point in the evening where Am is hungry. But her mouth hurts. So she doesn't want to nurse. But she's hungry. And even the last time this happened, when I had tried to give her tylenol before the screaming hysteria, the screaming hysteria & the evil ourobous of baby hungry -> no nursing, because mouth hurts -> Baby Hungry -> No Nursing, Because MOUTH HURTS -> BABY HUNGRY!!!!
The man asked when babies are done teething, & I said "Six. There's six year old molars." I'm hoping that I was being sarcastic & doomsday-ish, instead of total reality-ish. I'm too afraid to check the internet & find out though.

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Anonymous said...

sorry to brake your little bubble...braydon is 7 now he is loosing his baby teeth and teeth....but there is a bonus... they don't hurty as much 2nd time around