Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Random Smattering*

Food is going mostly very well. Mush has fallen from its throne, and has been replaced by fruit. Amoryn adores fruit, all fruit, gimme fruit, set mouth to garburate: kiwi, banana, watermelon, peach, yay! Vegetables are : 1) okay - green beans, carrots 2) dodgy - avocados 3) heck to the no, woman - broccoli.
So I've been franken-fruiting things up, a bit. She likes kivicado, and with open & loving arms embraces banoccoli. (Banana! Is there anything you can't fix? Yes. See next paragraph.)
Segue to: my back.
I threw my back out Satruday morning. If a word liike "threw" can escribe the intense, awful, searing reality that jumped on me as I was gently setting Amoryn down for a wiggle, at about 9 am. I had to call Pat to get him to come straight home from the chiropractor's; I couldn't pick the girl up. Things worsened by 11:30, and I couldn't walk, get dressed, sit, stand, lay, or get into the car to go the chiro by myself. Thank god for the man. He's been home until 10:30 this morning, when he had a meeting he couldn't ditch. I apologize now toanyone who has ever had back pain & not experienced heartfelt sympathy from myself - holy hells. It was as bad as the early stage of labor, except that labour had breaks and a clear goal - baby. The back pain? Aieeee. My sacrum was out of alignment & my whole lower back froze up. I am much improved, can sit gingerly for brief periods of time, can walk, dress myself, climb stairs, & sort of wrangle Am.
Segue to: Sewing Project
Yes, I am making a bridesmaid's gown for Coreen. For Saturday. It's going to be quite nice, I think, & should only require a leetle bit of duct tape to hold it together. (I won't use the staple gun, no. I promise. ALthough it did work very well for a bed skirt.) The dress would have been done by now, but I felt much better laying prone & groaning all weekend, thank you very much. I love deadlines :)
Speaking of Dressing:
Lululemon pants are not just "just workout pants". They are the pant equivalent of a wonderbra for your butt. How do I knoe this? I accidentally put the on backwards, & had my arse magicaly smoothed flat & my belly pooge was contorted into a high, taut configuration. Weird as hell. Happened Monday, when getting dressed was still rough.
Segue to: Amoryn is Awake Now
Yes, the girl is awake, I'm going to go & rescue her bear from her loving clutches.
*- a random smattering could also describe the foods currently present on my shirt - pureed carrot - left shoulder. Rice cereal - right forearm. Broccoli smooge - midriff. Etc.

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