Thursday, November 29, 2007


Yup. Xmas is coming & there are all sorts of surprises in the works... this is what you'd get if I were to write about it all...
So, I've called ___________ about the ________ for _________, but they haven't called back yet. Also, the ________ for _________ is a bit irritating because _________. But it's fine really, & the _________ for _______ is really going to rock. And I know _____ is going to dig the ______.
In other surprise news, it's Coreen's birthday today! And we're going to Tubby Dog, then Dairy Queen to celebrate. She recently surprised the hell out of Sarah & I (& Pat too) by being genuinely pregnant, & not just pulling our leg. I know, we are idiots. It only took how many weeks for us to figure out that she really really was & really really meant it? At any rate, the babe is due in mid June or so, to be oo-ed & ah-ed over by his (admittedly dense) aunties.
And what else is surprising... as I drove to the mall & back today, I kept squinting at the sun & the sky & the snow on the ground, & feeling vaguely surprised by the dazzle of it all.
While I'm logged in & working remotely, I occasionally turn my computer program into Russian. This is always an (unpleasant) surprise. Dosvedanya, my arse.
And... um. That's really all I've got. There's still a tiny amount of ice cream in the freezer, which is a bit of a shock, but not really when you look at the giant bowl of peanut m&ms on the coffee table.* The m&m's are so much more instant gratification.
Well, I'm going to go & keep on keepin' on. You too, eh?
*-the man's fault. Had to do with the Grey Cup, will explain more later.

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