Friday, February 22, 2008

Dyed pencil rovings, stage 2!

Now, I know the previous photo looked good, but it didn't truly capture incandescent & angry tone of the orange. So I plunked it all back into the slow cooker, this time, adding only blue kooaid to the water, as opposed to sprinkling the powder directly onto the wool, then plastic-wrapping. I didn't use vinegar either time, & it seems to have worked marvelously! I'm in the process of spinning this into (very uneven & lumpy) yarn. It's quite lovely & subtle, soft peachy-browns fading into blue, with occasional little hits of orange. I think I need to work at bit more at finessing my handling of the rovings though - it had started to matt/felt just a little bit, which is making it hard to draft well to spin it with my spindle.
Did I mention I'm loving my spinning class? I'm loving my spinning class.
As well, I just figured out that I can use Flickr to post into Blogger, so I can blog/upload photos in one fell swoop! Huzzah!

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