Monday, May 04, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well! What a busy... since I last blogged.
Friday night the man & I went out for supper, to celebrate Sandy & the last week of the first trimester. He bought. (I'm carrying the kid, okay?) It was good, but dessert was even better - from Nectar, in Inglewood. I highly recommend it. (Want to see what $30 of dessert looks like?)
(Fragrant Lemon Tart, Raspberry with Green Tea Tart, Vol Au Vent, Red Velvet Cake. Yum, yummy, ohmyword, and mmmmmmm.)
Amoryn, C___, S___, M____, & I all went for a "hike" on Saturday morning.
Then we rested (& snacked).
Then C___, S____, Am, & I went for lunch. And I was a terrible friend & took pictures of when C____ had some hot mustard getting the better of her.

See? This is the second shot, featuring sunburn, look of betrayal, and "AGH HOT MUSTARD!!!". (She did say it was okay to post this though - I was just going to print one copy to treasure forever.)
Then I sewed. Some. On the interminable couch cushions.
On Sunday, we went to the garden store. For people who made a solemn vow to buy no living plants - only bulbs & dirt - we did pretty well. I snatched up the second last arctic kiwi - edible fruit, self pollinating, zone 3 - and we got a half dozen day-neutral strawberries to 'top up' that patch. (Yes, we have two patches of strawberries. The day-neutral, for regular snacks, and the Kents, for big-time snacks... I mean harvest. The man was deeply concerned that te day-neutrals were doing pretty crappy, & not producing, so I sheepishly admitted that he might never see the berries because of the vigilance that Amoryn & I seem to share when it comes to fresh strawberries.)
(Am has her bag all ready to go to the plant store.)
And toady, we ran errands, I finished the couch project!!! (except for about 8" of hand sewing), and then I spent a large portion of the evening ordering photos to mail to everyone.
And now I'm knitting while I wait for that process to finish.
See? Isn't Petal lovely? Not quite so blue in real life. (And not on the Addi's you may note. Do you think the gauge difference would be noticeable if I switched after I'm done the yoke portion of the sweater?)
And we're done uploading... so I'm going to bed. Nighty-nooties.

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Liisa said...

Love love love that pic of Am with her purse. I miss the little dolphin girl! and congrats on the 2nd tri-mester! woot woot!