Friday, December 04, 2009

Progress Report

First, the little dress & the plaid issues. I've done quite well, see?
The plaids line up. Unless you look, you don't even really notice it; but there's like a subliminal vibe when they're off. To demonstrate, here's the lining, where I'd didn't bother:
See? (Yes, I just posted two plaid shoulder seam photos. It's my blog & I'll do as I please.)
On the Taiyo front, I'm still cautiously optimistic - and I lurve this photo.

I got glitter paint, and this morning let Am have a crack at it. It went well, she had fun, and I'm impressed with her skills.
Eleni still hasn't developed any real skills, other than eat/sleep/adorable, but she's got those down pat.
Eleni, practicing her "adorable", all geared up to go for a walk. Rest assured, the walk was NOT today.
I'm back to Genghis (the serger) & the little plaid dress!

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