Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Like, Wo...

THe weirdest thing just happened; don't think its happened before. Who knows if it'll ever happen again.
I put both girls down for their naps, in their respective bedrooms, and all I can hear now is silence. Amazing. I'm sure they've never synchronized naptime kick-offs before.
Am would usually be in daycare today, but she's got a nasty cold, so we're all hanging out together, in a haze of menthol & eucalyptus that seems to be helping. I've got about a million things to accompish before we go, and a healthy percentage of those are accomplished a lot more easily sans babes, so I'm off.
PS: I am skipping out on the Ravelympics, as the combination of impending vacation + prepping for vacation + several government/small business deadlines make it unlikely. Once we're on holiday, I know I'll have knitting time, but it's beach knitting time, which is not compatible with deadline knitting. Maybe next time.

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