Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, the second half of October looks to be a little insane.
I've got to finish a top-secret project AND I'm going to make three Halloween costumes.
Why not buy them? Well, 1) it's a thing with me to make the costumes for as many years as I can & 2) Amoryn wants to be an octopus. I've never seen an octopus costume for sale.
I admit, I've been pitching octopodes for a while. And she's keen! Finally! So, we are going with a sea theme: an octopus (Amoryn), a starfish (Eleni) and a lobster (myself). I just need to consult my fabric stash to see what I need, and master the time space continuum so that I have more time between now & next Friday. (The man can go as a fisherman. Or kelp! He can be kelp! He can wear his green outfit! Ha!)
I think that I'm going as a red lobster, for better identification & visibility. Eleni will be a yellow polar fleece starfish, which means that I need to sort out what color Am's octopus should be...
Any suggestions?
Other than gently pointing out that talking about what I need to get done doesn't actually accomplish anything. Right. Back to work.


Terra said...

I vote for a bright purple octopus!

Kourtney said...

Terra for the win! Purple with yellow under-arms, erm, under-tentacles.