Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Breaking Klutz News!!!

Top 10 Optimistic Things To Say About Knocking A Roll Of Paper Towel Into The Toilet:
10. Well, at least I had just cleaned the toilet bowl.
9. It is only the roll of paper towel I use to clean the bathrooms.
8. For once, it is optimistic to be glad the roll is half empty.
7. We do buy paper towel in bulk at Costco, & we're headed there this afternoon.
6. Quick reflexes to get the roll out when it was only just a little dunked.
5. I always wear gloves to clean bathrooms, so no "Ack! grabbing things in toilet with bare hands!" reflex.
4. Hm. Those darn environmentalists are always harping about "Save, reuse, blah blah"... I'll show them! Hah!
3. Yet another persuasive arguement in favour of Leaving The Seat Down.
2. After cutting off the lower, sodden half of the roll, said roll fits into bucket of bathroom cleaning stuff better.
And the number one optimistic thing to say about knocking the roll of paper towel into the toilet:
1. At least it wasn't the baby monitor.
(Scene of the crime - note gloves, shortened paper towel, & baby monitor.)

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