Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What I Did On The Long Weekend

You know, a little while ago a friend of a friend found out that I had a blog. He very thinly veiled his horror & contempt that I am, in fact, a mommy-blogger - the most noxious creature known to the internet*. I was rather insulted to have someone scorn my blog without reading it first, especially in my own home! Just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I have nothing to say! I still have thoughts & opinions & ideas**. I have concerns & projects & all sorts of STUFF*** that is worth talking about. After he's read all of my goofiness, THEN he can judge. Really. Like he was so darn superior. Didn't he realize that it was a BYOWeenie Roast at my house, & the weenies should never insult the hostess?
Speaking of Important Things That I Find Interesting - my spice rack. I broke down & segregated & re-alphabetized it. And labelled all of the lids, too. Top shelf - baking. Bottom shelf - spice grinders. Middle two shelves - "the rest".

I reorganized the pantry as well. I'm so pleased; I wanted to sit in front of the open pantry door & bask, much as a person would in front of a fireplace. I still kind of want to do that.

I'm going to settle instead for leaving the pantry door open while I do dishes. The feng-shui-ed canned goods can direct their inner harmony at my back.
PS: Just to fulfill the mommy-blog quotient of one child-centric thing per post - I washed Am's bedding & bear & camel.
Everybody survived okay though - the camel is positively radiant!
*-Here you thought it was pedophiles. Nope. Mommybloggers are the bottom of the food chain.
**- True, a lot of my projects these days are whizzing food into mush for Am. Then combining mush types to get her to eat them. I'm mulling a gene-splicing frankenfruit horror - Banurkey - banana-turkey. I haven't yet; it seems so wrong. But I know Am would totally eat her turkey that way.
***-Admittedly, some of the stuff is about the incredibly weird poo**** that Am creates. But still!
****- Offically exceeding basic mommyblog requirements with mention of fecal matter.

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