Monday, April 05, 2010

Sweaty Jellybeans

Ah yes, the Easter fall out. Amoryn has been busily packing & repacking her jellybeans, which are getting increasingly sticky. (Those little palms are a tad moist - all the excitement! All the beans! Holy moly!)
She keeps wanting to share, and honestly, I'm not so keen as I first was.
And for some reason she chose a white turtleneck to wear today - I guess for maximum jellybean dye transferral? Ah well, that's what stain removers are for.
PS: She is THREE now!
PPS: Photos later, when I finish unpacking the bag with the camera in it. We went to visit family for the weekend, and had lots of fun & jelly beans.


mark said...

i don't know you, but enjoyed your story. yesterday, i had a similar issue with my cousin's young son sharing his slightly moistened jellybeans. so here i am at work, then all of a sudden i thought i would do a google search of the term "sweaty jellybeans". lo and behold, you were the first one! thanks for bringing a smile to my face. i hope your day was great.


Anonymous said...