Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Quantum Leap

I just read an article which reminded me that a quantum is in fact a very small thing.

That put me in mind of my current obsession/knitting project. It’s going well, but my goodness. It’s slow. If you ever are working on a knitting project, and you feel like it’s going slowly, I suggest you try this easy three step process to find a project that will make your original project seem like it’s flying by.

First, are you knitting lace?

Second, are you beading your lace?

Third, are you making clear, replicable charted & written notations about your knitting?

I'm doing all of the above. Step three doesn’t sound that bad, until I found one little mistake that I’d made a row back. I was off by one stitch. Much like accounting, I’ve thoroughly established that it’s easier to find a big mistake than a small one. Forty-nine thousand dollars? No big. Thirty-two cents? Argh.*

I think that the only way that this could go slower was if I was knitting gossamer with no rest rows. If I ever get to that point, be assured: I will have actually stopped time in its tracks, and the physicists & the men from the funny farm should converge on me at about the same time.

(If you are knitting gossamer beaded lace with no rest rows, I stand in genuine awe of you.)

And we’re back from Saskatchewan! It was awesome, although I took very few photos, so you’ll mostly have to take my word for it. Highlights were boating, beaches, Fort Walsh, watching Eleni learn to crawl & climb, helping Amoryn ride a horse, and seeing the ugliest horse I’ve ever laid eyes on. It was so ugly that I actually took photos just to prove that there was in fact a horse that ugly. You may think that I’m exaggerating, but just you wait. You’ll see.

*I am pleased to note that the mental process feels exactly the same – the debate over sluffing it, even as I doggedly continue tracking down the glitch. And a small rush of relief when I finally find it. Not a large one – because you know, there are going to be more glitches out there.

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