Monday, August 28, 2006


Well, all right, so far it doesn't deserve caps. But it is sneaking up on at least being a capitalized "B". And so, for Fishy's admiring public, here we are, shots of the bump.
Here's early early August (Aug 5):
subtitle: Pregnant? What? Me?
And mid August... (Aug 17)
subtitle: Kourtney, ease up on the donuts, eh?
Here's a belly shot from today, which I am deeming late August (Aug 28). I've done my best in all the shots not to slouch all weird or suck it in or stick it out or anything...
subtitle: Thank god you put on some stretchy pants girl...
Despite the belly progression, & my appetite, the upstairs scale assures me that I only weigh three punds more than PP. (PrePregnancy). And I find myself rubbing my belly, and thinking - are you the size you should be? Hm? Fishy? Apparently you are big enough that we should be able to hear your heart beating this week. Sadly, no chance of that until at LEAST next week, when we all have the Interview With the Midwives*...
*Sounds like a movie, doesn't it? I swear, there will be no Tom Cruises present.

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