Saturday, August 19, 2006


So, guess what? No, guess again. Nope, guess again. All right, all right, here's a hint:

So yes, I got my hair straightened. Only for the afternoon, and only because my (new) hairdresser asked if I wanted him to try it. Totally freaked Pat out. Don't worry - my hair is now back to its regular curly self.

Guess what else? Want another hint?
It also freaked Pat out. See?

So, here we are, knocked up already, & this was the first try. (Well, okay. We tried lots. This was the first cycle of trying though.) So! Pat & I are now the proud parents of one small (pinto-bean sized, right now) Fishy-Baby. His tail has mostly grown away now, but the little hands & feet are still webbed. Lots of time to develop yet - no need to rush into fingers.

So! Due date is around the end of March. Yes I know, I refer to Fishy as a he - no idea why. Yes, we will find out what Fishy is in the ultrasound, but that's months away. Pat's sure that Fishy's a girl, given the family history (nieces:7, nephews:0). No, Pat & I haven't decided on any names. Still tossing suggestions back & forth. I think we'll use the pink room for the baby, and yes, we will probably paint it something other than pink if Fishy's a boy. No, I haven't told my work yet; I'm planning on letting them know once we're back from Philly/New York. (So, three weeks from now. When I'll be 12 1/2 weeks along.)

And of course we're excited! So excited! We're both also moderately freaked out, every now & again. I get overwhelmed thinking of all the things we're going to need - not the buying of the things, just having them in the house - high chairs! Baby monitors! Diapers! (Haven't decided between dispoable or cloth.) Full time nannies! Ha ha. No full time nanny.
But, I've errands to run, & if I want to squeak in a nap, I'd better get cracking. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

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jessie said...

congratulations Kourtney and Pat. you'll be wonderful Parents.