Thursday, August 31, 2006

Adventures in Kourtneyland

Hello all, it's your intrepid Kourtney, signing in from her home office in Calgary. The next three weeks shall be fraught with travel & adventure (travel for sure), in that this weekend, we head to SK for the Nanni-planting. Then back to Calgary, where I shall personally deliver my husband to the airport & then pick him up three days later, whilst being super busy at work because of a vacationing coworker*. Next Saturday, we fly to Philadelphia, then New York, returning home on the 17th.
In other words, the postings may be a bit intermittent, I may not answer emails really quickly, & I'm going to turn my cell phone off because the American rates are crazy. But don't worry! I'm fine, Pat's fine, Fishy's fine.
If you really miss me, read the previous post & enjoy the veggie orchestra.
*- This is good - she deserves it & I'm glad to be busy!