Monday, August 21, 2006

So how am I doing?

This is at the top of the list* for questions I've heard lately. I'm getting to be a bit jumpy about the question.
Why? Well, I haven't told my office yet, so everytime coworker X, Y, or Z stops by my cubicle & asks how I'm doing, I freeze, do a covert screen of their facial expression, a la superspy. Nope, just making conversation. Not fishing for information. Operation: Fishy-Baby still secure.
Of course my superspy skills are about par with Chevy Chase in "Spies Like Us", so I bet that there's random talk about how I'm kinda jumpy these days.
Other than crazy, I'm really well. No morning sickness, no nausea, as long as my stomach is full. My meals aren't any bigger**, they're just more frequent. Out of curiosity, I'm keeping track of my weight, & while I had edged up two pounds, I lost one of those. I know weight gain isn't the focus right now, but I suspect weight loss (beyond one or two pounds) would be bad. So I'm trying to eat frequent, balanced meals, to make sure that Fishy has enough energy to grow eyelids & bones & all this week's other projects. Apparently, he can also use his wee webbed fingers to make a little tiny fist. Hopefully he's enjoying all the fruit I've been eating lately - I can imagine him, "swimming around in his tank", as Coreen put it, banging on the wall & demanding more strawberries now please. NOW! PLEASE!
As long as I can stay awake long enough, Fishy, I promise I'll go & eat some blueberries & strawberries in yogurt. I've been up from my nap for an hour now, which should leave me enough time to do post this, do dishes, and eat. Then to bed, sweet bed. I've always been a fan of napping, but this has gotten a tad extreme. I know, it's my body trying to power down enough to work on the top-secret project, but my gosh. Working 8-5 is all of a sudden like some terrible, terrible purgatory, where I have to stay awake & coherent. Yeesh.
Off to dishes & more food!

*Second most frequent question: How's Pat doing? While it'd be entertaining to report that he's completely sketched out, pacing, worrying himself a bald spot, & planning a junior enrollment in the political party of his choice for Fishy, the reality is that Pat's fantastic. He's my primary hunter/gatherer of fruit, milk, & yogurt from the organic store, & while I think he's still a little whelmed (who isn't? I sure am), he's teasing me about the Fish.

** Oo, maybe I lie - Pat & I are exactly the same amount of food last week. Mind you, it was a light lunch for him. But still.

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