Sunday, August 27, 2006

Parenting Advice:

We're just home from Salmon Arm, with an excellent assortment of BC fruit. Gramma is very well, but worried about Grampa, whose hip/sciatia is troubling him. For all the pain Grampa is in, he's still as sweet as ever, & it was his birthday on Saturday (85!). We saw Perry & Jan as well, and they were all pleased to hear about the Fish. Gramma & I actually spent quite of our time talking about pregnancies, babies, baby names, and other things related.
Speaking of good advice, Aubrey recently sent me these handy tips via e-mail.

If you guys only have one child there won't be too many surprises, but if you have two....... the fun factor rises exponentially.
1. They can read each others minds and will keep you in running in circles
2. You'll find through efforts to out maneuver them your attention span will shrink (they want you on their level )
3. Peace and Quiet will be treasured more than ever, but alarming ("What's Going on?!")
4. Everything is edible (Keep an eye on your nail polish.)
5. Boogey Men, Demons, Monsters,etc... Should be dealt with firmly. While searching through the closet or under the bed for him, jeer and taunt him to come out. (When it's 4:00 a.m., and for the third time that night, you'll be wantin' to lay your hands around Mr. BoooogerMans throat pretty badly. Sumnabich.) Lots of showmanship for giggles, will help munchkins confidence, as well as your patience.
6. There will be a time you're just going to have to hold'em down and pull the splinter/pour the medicine. Good game plan with Pat first is essential, make it quick.
Anyhow enough of my advice.
I think it's all brilliant . I'm sure the deluge of advice will come in once I'm definitely pregnant looking. Jan didn't think I was showing at all, and when Pat & I were at the beach Saturday afternoon, he glanced over and looked at me. "You really don't look pregnant." "No?" "No, you look chubby." Aww, that's so much better...

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