Sunday, August 20, 2006

Green thumbs

The garden is doing so well... The red flax has completely exceeded expectations, & is happily growing all over the sage, the marigolds, the venidium, the catmint...

Venidium, if you're wondering, isn't some contagious disease, but instead is like the funkiest daisy you can imagine. The man found the seeds at the Bedrock Seed Bank, they're an annual, & I expect they'll be a regular in our yard.

The current stars of the yard are the mid-height sunflowers. The bees adore them, & I expect the BIG sunzillas will be blooming next week.

The blossom centers are 4-6 inches across, so these are WHOPPIN' big bees.

The black single hollyhocks seem a little confused. We've got three plants in two places; the little stunted one is blooming away, and the two big huge bushy plnats are threatening to take out one patch of sunflowers. But not bloom. No, no blooming on the big ones. Ah, they'll even out next year.

And the strawberries are doing well too. Of course, I picked & ate them all, so I'll take a picture of the next little harvest...

More later:)

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