Friday, March 30, 2007

The (clay) baby is home!

Yes indeed, our clay projects from prenatal classes have been fired, glazed, & fired again. We now have a lovely little clay baby, & a labyrinth that I'll likely use as a trivet to put my teapot full of raspberry leaf tea on. Thanks to cousin Ty for his help.
The raspberry leaf tea? Yes, we're still waiting for that darn baby. The babe is fine, just slow, and on Monday (assuming we're still pregnant at that point), we'll trundle to an ultrasound lab & check to make sure that the babe is hale & hearty & some other stuff that the midwives explained but I already forget. Essentially, making sure that the fish & the fishtank are both still sound & stable.
I had intentions of posting pics of the clay baby & labyrinth, however, I've again been foiled by my camera. Shame. I was also going to put up a picture of the excessively awesome meal that the man & I made the other night - I made fresh egg noodles, which he cooked with scallops & tiger prawns in a garlic-infused olive oil. It totally rocked. Of course, the photo wouldn't do it justice anyways. Too bad smell-o-vision never took off - that would give you more of an inkling of the splendour.
I was also going to post a pic of my increasing profile. As noted, my camera foiled me, so here is a quick self-portrait.
Now I'm going to go & further hone my stunning artistic skills.

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