Friday, March 16, 2007

More Bad Habits

All right. I like America's Next Top Model. I love it. I might marry it, but a) I'm already married, & b) they haven't had any polygamists on the show (YET). I get a rush of irrational glee over it. It's so... so... trite? Superficial? Staged? Ridiculous? The man does not even remotely comprehend why I enjoy it so. "It's not even 'reality' tv", he says. That's totally its charm - there's nothing realistic at all about this. I honestly didn't think that there was anything out there that could possibly heighten my enjoyment of ANTM, but I was wrong. You remember the guy who took the funny pictures of his cat? He 'reviews' each episode of ANTM.
If you've never seen ANTM, you could probably skip this. If you are deeply offended by ANTM, skip this too. If you find Tyra's judgements of the skinny pretty girls weirdly compelling & addictive, check it out:

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