Sunday, March 25, 2007

Overtime has Begun!

Yes, there is still no baby. And if you call the house, there is still no baby. I even went & checked in the baby's room; still no baby. We're only in our first day of being overdue, which, for my time sense, is practically on time, really, so... maybe there will be a baby later today. Or tomorrow. Rest assured, I promise we'll call when we do find that darned baby.
Yesterday's funniest event:
me: "Gee it's super nice. Come help me hang the big hammock up."
the man: "But you can do that yourself."
me: "Yes, but I can't move the planters that are underneath where the hammock should be."
the man: "Oh. Right."
So we hung the hammock, in the lovely sunlight, & I thought we had it set at about the right height. I cautiously clambered onto the hammock. At the moment the man cautions me not to hurt myself, to be careful, my full weight hits the hammock.
And I slowly, majestically, sank to the ground. And started laughing. Was it the first hammock stretch of spring that got me? Or the unanticipated extra poundage that screwed with my idea of the appropriate hammock arc?
Regardless of why my arse hit the brick deck (slowly, majestically), the only harm possible would be a) laughing myself into a hernia b) spraining my ego, or c) trying to get up by myself.
Luckily, the man helped haul me up. I was still laughing. He thinks I've cracked. We readjusted the hammock & the second run was much more successful.

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Anonymous said...

What, no pics? You can't tell THAT story and have no pics! Oh, the slow majesty. I love it!