Saturday, March 03, 2007

Developments, Large & Small...

So! I'm finally on mat leave, so exciting. I had a nap today, & I took the man out for an EXCELLENT italian supper last night to celebrate.
I'm sure there's a clever segue I could use, but I can't think of it, so here's some belly pics.

Does that portray the belly clearly enough? No? Well then:
I particularily like how my arm looks like it's about 10 inches long altogether, & wider than my head. Oh well. And those are from a week ago, so the next post will feature a newer belly pic.
I think we're sort of all together & ready for the baby. Prenatal classes are done, I'm not going to the office anymore, I am increasingly bulky & awkward, and I went & got the itty-bitty baby diapers that newborns require.
They're tiny. Here's a 1L jug of milk wearing it, with a roll of duct tape. I could say that the duct tape was included for scale purposes, but it honestly didn't occcur to me to move it. That's all. Thus, "Still Life of Milk in Diaper with Duct Tape".
My pregnancy addled brain is enjoying the irony of this - the diapers will eventually be filled with products created from milk! Ha ha ha! No cows milk, of course - I know. No cow's milk for the baby until for least a year.
I'm off to create more art now! I promise I will try & post more now that I'm not looking at a computer 9-5 (well, 8:30 - 5, ish), M-F. I can't guarentee I'll have anything to say, but that'll be the subject of another day, right??? Right!

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