Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy Week

So, we survived the Fat weekend, & I think by Thursday I finally recovered from my sugar hangover.
Of course, last night Sar & I walked to the gas station & bought three kinds of Ben & Jerry's ice cream - although she took one of them home. (But my folks were here! And we needed dessert!)
And the man went to Florida today.
This means that I'm left alone - unsupervised - with the ice cream. (Amoryn does not qualify as a supervisor of ice cream yet. She has to be big enough to eat it first.)
So, to try & distract myself, I'm watching the CFL Western Semifinal.
Yes, I am thinking about ice cream very much, thank you.
And Amoryn is thinking about bedtime... loudly. Stay tuned to see what develops!

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