Friday, November 09, 2007

It's Friday!

And I am feeling so much better today. More balanced. Still tired, but not blue.
Part of an email Sarah sent me yesterday inspired this whimsy in my head...
Perking interviewer in pink:"Hi! You're tuned in to Myth Information News, with the hottest gossip on the gods & goddesses! I'm Pippin, & I'm here today interviewing the fabulous Thelxiepeia, one of the Sirens. She's well known for many things, ranging from luring sailors to their doom to... luring sailors to their doom! Hi Thelxiepeia!"
Thelxiepeia:"Hi Sparky. You can just call me Thelxy."

Pip:"Thelxy, we're hear today to hear about your take on motherhood - tell us about it!"
T:"Well, I never really thought that much about it. But I was chatting with Tethys one day, & she really illuminated how much having Oceanids to love & nurture really gave her life meaning. And then I saw Odysseus and some of his sailors go by... and I thought why not give it a try? So, about six months ago, I had a little nymph of my own." (beams)
Pip:"So, Sirens don't have to be..." (delicate pause)
T:(laughing) "No, no - no celibacy. We're not Vestals!"
Pip:(chuckle)"So, now that you're grounded for a while..."
T:"Yes, until the little one grows wings & gills...."
Pip:"How are you finding things? Are you bored? Do you miss the drama? The excitement?"

T:"Well, you know, I sort of do. All those sailors shrieking & the ships hull's breaking up... it was a cracking good time. But there's always another ship to sink, and this is wonderful too. There's nothing like listening to my little nymph trying to learn to sing - she's so sweet! She'll only be this small once, you know."
Pip: (nodding) "True! They don't stay wee forever! So how was labour? Your figure looks fantastic. Miracle crash diet? Surgery?"
T:"No, no, not at all... actually, little known fact: sirens lay eggs. So really, the whole experience has been a marvel. No work at all."
Pip:"Fabulous! Lucky you!... And I hear that you're planning on returning to work... when? And do you worry about your career at all?"
T:"Well, as I mentioned, I have to wait for my nymph to grow wings & gills. So it'll be a little while yet. Honestly, I was concerned about keeping my skills up while I was grounded with the little one... but as it turns out, I am using my talents quite a bit, just to get my little nymph to eat her broccoli! I'm going to be back, & better than ever when I return. Sailors fearing death have nothing on a child refusing her veg."
Pip:(trilling laughter)"Well, that's fabulous! We're so glad to hear it, & I think I speak for all of Ancient Greece when I say that I hope things keep going super & that you're back on the ship-wreck beat in no time!"

T:"Thanks Pippin, it's been a treat to speak with you & Myth Information News... it's one of my favorite shows."
(fade to commercial)

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