Sunday, November 25, 2007

Live Blogging Coverage of the Grey Cup. And whatever else I’m watching.

2:00 pm – Amoryn goes down for her nap. I turn to channel 43, CSI. Then I turn to 209, pre-game coverage. As I suspected, there’s been a murder, & the Riders & the Bombers are going to be playing in a while.

3:10 pm – I wake up from my nap. There’s been another murder in Las Vegas. The hype is increasing for the game, which is still featuring the Riders & the Bombers. Weirdly enough, the Riders seem to be favored. I’m trying not to take it as a bad omen.

3:50 pm – Game is almost ready to go. Introduced both teams & the refs. The jig is almost up for Karl, who had to kill the girl, because she was going to call the cops, then Karl would’ve been fingered for murdering buddy in the slum building.

3:58 pm – Karl’s wife tells him to leave. Not bad timing – just before the cops arrive. National anthem is being sung in both languages – I could swear the one word was going to be tabernac, but it was tabernuuusomething else.

4:00 pm – marching band exits, team captains & premiers make their way to center field. Karl gave himself up to save his family. Out in the desert, they’ve found something suspicious… a body! Murder again. Saskatchewan will receive the start. Amoryn should likely be waking up soon – but she had a short, restless night & a small morning nap, so I’ll give her another 15 minutes. Ooo, So You Think You Can Dance is on too. Maybe after CSI has wrapped up for the day I’ll watch that & the game…

4:13 pm – noticed cell phone is on silent and I missed three texts – two pics of a very happy man in green, & an invitation for brekky with Coreen L No score yet, 11:54 left in the first. I’ve seen the SYTYCD, back to CSI. They’ve ID’d the body.

4:58 pm – Well. The murder is quite strange. My daughter is quite funny. The game is at WPG 5, SSK 0, 9:09 2nd Qtr.

5:25 pm – Amoryn’s had her bottle, the game is tied at 7, almost half-time. And… there’s been a murder! A body in a chimney! Dun-dun-dunnnnn…. Another mystery: what to have for supper.

6:07 pm – A murder, but I know who dunnit. I also know what Amoryn had for supper, & the score – SSK10, WPG7. And I’m going to find out where some studs in the wall are… so that I can mount the baby gate.

6:48 pm – Lower baby gate – installed. Upstairs baby gate – marked & mulling. The pony wall is 3/4” out over about 18”. Not square, and not looking too stable for the square gate. I think we’re going to need to shim it…. The game is still underway, 4th Qtr just beginning, SSK 16, WPG 14. I can practically feel the man’s nerves from here… For the flip side, since I know that the second murder was an arranged suicide, I think we’re going to opt for the Wedding Planner. And soon, we’ll be opting for a sleeper & a bottle.

7:20 pm – Am’s getting some air on her bum; there’s less than three minutes in the game, & the score is 23-18 for Saskatchewan! OMG! Also, Sarah will be here shortly with the pizza. Also exciting.

7:32 pm – 6 seconds! It’s our game! We won! It’s ours! YEAHAAAOOOOOOOGORIDERS!!! Also, now Amoryn can change out of her “S” onesie & into her sleeper for her bottle & then bedtime.

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