Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween Amoryn was Sir Winston Churchill. It was adorable.She did get tired of the cigar-bink, but other than that was happy.

Too happy - I was hoping for a scowl, which really increases the likeness. Speaking of scowls, this year's harvest of Jack O'Lanterns are fairly sanguine - L-R we have the creations of Pat, Isaac, Michelle, & myself.
(Mine is a cyclops. A girl cyclops. Just so you know.)
For Halloween evening, I was Carmen Miranda. Pat was... sort of scary. Hard rockin' Rider fan dude? Overwhelming? Who can say. At any rate, those pics are still in the camera, so here's another photo of Churchill, because really, Pat was scary, & everybody knows what I look like in a Carmen Miranda costume.

And yes, Churchill really did have a rainbow colored hedgehog. It was magical & it whispered secrets of governance to him & he kept it in his pants pocket and THAT'S why he looked so grumpy all the time. True story.

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