Friday, February 13, 2009


First things first: I picked the trashy red. It's proving to be a good choice; it looks well in the light here & it coordinates nicely with the sand.

I have to say, I am having a hard time turning off my "fromage indicator"* every time I hear someone say aloha. Because dude, we're totally in Maui. We're at Honoapilani (I think), just up from Ka'anapali. No, Honoapilani is our road, we're in... um. I don't know. Honokowai? For a language that uses just 11 of our letters, it is confusing as all get out. I'm starting to stutter in English, just from trying to read the road map & say "turn onto ummmmmmmm Honowokowikimactavish Road"**.
We're at the Hale Kai, see? There's the man reading on our lanai.

We look out across this little park, which I thought I had taken a photo of. Sadly, you'll have to make do with a view from the little park's beach. I literally took the photo above, then turned around, & took this photo.

Awful, isn't it?
I am loving it here. It's been beautiful; gorgeous; fantastic; and serene. It's hot enough that I'm never cold enough to put on a sweater, but cool enough that the man & the girl aren't melting & irritable. I think it's perfect, at least, apart from the high pitched SQUEEE noises that Am was making about sand and showers. I think she's over the hump for sand - she'll walk in it, play with it, & pretend*** to eat it now. Showers, well. It's a vacation, and who said she really needs to be clean anyways? With another couple days worth of sunscreen, we can totally make her hair into a mohawk. Or maybe one of those tar ponytails that sailors used to have.

(The background is Uncle M___, & Uncle M___'s shoe. Aunty L___ had the wisdom to move upwind of Am's sand extravaganza. The man was in the ocean.)
We've got a little one bedroom condo (you've already seen the lanai), and there's a fabulous company here that rents baby stuff. Better yet, they set it up at your place, then bring your carseat to the airport for you, so that you don't have to get 'home' from a 6 hour flight (12 hours total travel time, counting connecting flight & layover & stuff), and then try to sort out how the MF crib goes together. It's a smaller room, so if Am is already awake when I open my eyes, this is what I see:

We reach our fingers through the bars to each other, & it makes me giggle. It also made me reflect on the fact that I'm convinced most mothers are victims of Stockholm syndrome.
But such happy victims, no?
All right, time to go wake my sleephead up. She was Up Most Of The Night, convinced she wanted to party. I was like "Duuuuude, it's 11:30 (12:30, 1:20, 2:10, 3:05). Go To Sleep." And in an attempt to limit the SQUEEEs of rage****, I'm letting her sleep in. It's only 10:20 here.
*Related to a bs indicator.
**Please note: this is me making fun of myself; not me making fun of the Hawaiin language or culture. How could I? It's so nice here.
***I took the same approach to sand that I did to garden dirt. I let her eat some, then explained that no, it doesn't taste very good, here's a drink, don't do it again, okay? Seems to work well. And she's had a her Hep shots.
****SQUEEEs of rage are related to, intensified by, or caused by lack of sleep, I think. Also, she was sick for a couple weeks, & got used to the entire universe revolving around her, & bringing her apple juice whenever she wanted. While I still bring her juice, we're coming back to the "rules" & "cooperation" world again, and oi.

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