Monday, June 14, 2010

And She Doesn't Even Watch Vampire Movies

Amoryn bit me today. She'd been crying, because she bomped her nose, and I was taking her upstairs. She was calming down, and snuggled into the crook of my neck, and she bit me. Hard. And wouldn't stop, even after I yelled "Ow! Stop biting!". And of course, we were on the stairs, so I couldn't even try to put her down. Also, she was attached to my neck.
My reptile brain took right over, and I bit her back. Which upset her, of course. I've never really gone in for matching mother-daughter clothes, but I guess coordinating bite marks are okay? Or not. It was a visceral reaction - one that I didn't think about at all.
I feel a little like a terrible parent. I was talking about it with S____, and she said "Of course you bit her. What else are you going to do?"
Blog about it, of course. And try to avoid both of our brains shorting out, because honestly, I cannot think of what else to say about it. Other than OW! - she even drew a little blood!

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