Monday, October 05, 2009

What I Did With My Weekend

The man was out of town this weekend, so I was the Lone Ranger, and Am stood in as my sidekick. My original weekend plans went sideways, as did major parts of the backup plan. This means that I didn't get to the bridal shower (sorry to miss it, E___), but I did get the gauntlets finished.

The pattern is
Karin Wristwarmers, by Alexandra Brinck, and the yarn is Terra, by the Fiber Company. Apart from a few caveats, I'm very pleased with them. I personally prefer my gauntlets to fit a little differently; but that's a matter of taste between me & the designer. And the yarn.... It's incredibly luscious to touch, and a beautiful color. However, for what I paid for the yarn, I'm not sure I can forgive the inconsistent texture AND the fact that they bled like a royal hemophiliac when blocked them. I ended up setting the dye, then re-blocking them. (I wanted a denser texture, so I knit them with a slightly different gauge, and increased the stitch count by 2 st/gauntlet.)

I went out to the yard & harvested every single flower that was still there, and made a lovely bouquet. You can't imagine how incredible those sweet peas smell.

Yesterday morning, I cast on the
Sailors Rib Sweater, by Wendy Bernard for Am. (It's a top-down all-in-one raglan sweater.) I'm using three colors of Tosh Worsted (Lapis, Fuchsia, & Terra, I believe), and it is yummy. I'm not sure if it's the yarn or what, but this project is flying right along. In less than 24 hours, I'm almost done the yokes & ready to divide the arms & body. (If you don't knit, interpret that last sentence as "I got a lot done".) Even allowing that this is for a smaller person, I'm still pleased. I'm doing the Jogless Jog trick - and when I look at the knitting itself, I think it's really obvious. But then, when I look at the photo, it's not so bad. (The jog starts at the base of the V. A gutsy move, to be sure; joining the stripes in center front - but if Jared (aka Brooklyn Tweed) can do it, then so can I.)
I rearranged a little bit - and most importantly, Am had her first guest at a tea party. This is the little table & chairs that I stained for her last Xmas (her big gift), and they're now in the living room. She & S_____ enjoyed imaginary victuals while C____ & I had a grownup tea party all of our own. It was awesome.

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