Friday, July 17, 2009

The List

So, I've been busy. In the past two weeks or so, I've:
1) Worked part time, mostly as per regularly scheduled.
2) Been to the Stampede four (4) different days; three of them I had Am along. Highlights were: mini-donuts (more please), cows (mooo), horses (neigh), baby horsies! (inchoate squees of delight), sheep (baa-baa), pigeons (bird sign*), and Cookie Monster (COOKIE MONSTER!).
3) Successfully resisted mini-donuts on one (1) of those days. (Let's not talk about the fudge that day, okay? I like to look noble & strong & junk.)
4) Made a whopping pile of ham'n'beans for the hubby's Stampede bbq, which were totally demolished by the time Am & I got there.
5) Visited with out-of ton family.
6) Visited with more family, this time as the out-of-towners. It was a convention - a three-province, triple sibling with most spouses & almost all children, PLUS gramma visit. There were um, 6 little girls? Ages 1-14. Wicked. Totally worth the 14 hours*** round trip drive. Thank heavens AM is a happy traveller.
7) Had a doc's appointment that I've been stressing over for some time now - although almost a two hour wait in the waiting room, I did have my knitting & got good news.
8) Visited with mom & toured the Calgary area, in search of beads, yarn, a swift & ball-winder, little girl knickers, and paint.
9) Returned the destructive cat. More on that later.
10) Restrained myself from gorging myself on Rainier cherries. Instead, I parcel out a small amount of them, then try to eat them slowly, and end up stuffing the whole little bowl in my face. I've been waiting for MONTHS for those babies!
11) Stuffed an incredible amount of food into my face at the Knitting Guild's pot luck. I also picked up my knitting, and my ribbon! That I won at Stampede! *blushes*
12) Got my Ishbel to the point where I'm now working lace rows. Ooo, erg.
13) Roughed out the poodle skirt for the Best Deal Ever. More on that, too.
14) Had lunch with C_____ and found the cutest dress (on sale!) to wear to cousin M____'s wedding.
15) Picked up more netting for a crinoline. I'm also taken with Liliane, at the fabric store, because she was pleasant, she was friendly, she knew what she was doing, and! She knew that you need about 7 meters of netting for a decent crinoline! Do you know how nice it is to have someone give you a concrete answer to a question? Wowsa. Awesome. (I also got some fabric for a dress for me, & a dress for Am, and the fixin's for some yoga bolsters. Everything - except for cut notions - is 50% off.)
Today, I've taken Am to daycare, partially because I've torched my lower back (I'm blaming some tension about budgets & to-do lists & the concept of Potty-Training, in combo with my chair at the office), and partially because today I want to:
1) Finish poodle skirt & crinoline.
2) Finish books & take them to accountant.
3) Go to chiro at 2 pm.
4) Do not slouch. Do not lift heavy things.
5) Practice Kegels. (I do that every day, but still.)
6) Decide on needle size needed for Zauber Cheese Ball Scarf. Get needle, I suspect. I'm thinking it'll need to be a 3.75 or 4. This makes it to the list because I need a brain & hand friendly project, and Shawl That Counting is getting too big for my purse, and Ishbel is now only good if I'm sitting & Am is not conscious.
7) Pack for Whitehorse.
8) Continue to talk to my subconscious about my back.
9) Find the &*$*@ rooster puzzle piece, that is missing from Am's "Sounds" puzzle. Every night, when we turn of the lights, the rooster goes off.
10) Get on with it already.
11) Oh yeah, and maybe dump some pics into the computer, so you cansee some of the latest & greatest.
*No, not THE bird. The ASL sign for bird. What do you think I'm teaching her**?
**Although, she cracked one eye open a little, the squinched it shut. Then both of them flew open, and she sat bolt upright, said what sounded awfully like "Holy F__k!", grabbed her bear, and dove under a pile of pillows. I'm trying to think of what else she could have been saying.
***I am no longer getting carsick - thank heavens. I'm a little cautious saying this, because I know it can come back, but still. For now, okay.

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